Dan Douglass

Co-founder of DeepEnglish.com

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marge Aviso both in her role as a customer support agent and as a recruiter. She was outstanding at both. When you hire the last thing you want to do is waste time, money and resources going down the wrong path. As a customer support agent she was excellent at supporting our customers. Marge is a master communicator and has a knack for adding the personal touch we require to make our customers understand that there are real people behind our business that really care about our customer’s needs and problems. She also played an active role in helping us refine our standard operating procedures. She's a critical thinker, so we leaned on her for feedback on areas of the business that transcended customer support. In addition to SOP development, Marge is also quick with technology and was adept at navigating the host of software programs that we use in our business. She also was excellent at hiring. From job ad creation to screening to interviewing, her company (TeleworkPH) is a one stop everything included service that made hiring easy. I was very impressed at how she not only interviewed applicants but also at the tests she put in place during the screening phase to make sure we didn’t waste time with someone who wouldn’t be a good fit. Will definitely be using Telework PH again.


Les Unferdorben

Founder of Retirefree.com.au

Marge has been an efficient team member. She helped me source candidates to set up an appointment setting campaign for my business. She made things easy for me so I did not have to go through all applications and schedule an interview. I highly recommend Marge if you are looking to hire reliable team members for sales and support function.


Anna Jones

Director at Intense Retail

Marge supported Intense Retail as a Virtual Assistant in 2016, working on many different projects. She demonstrated that she was a talented researcher, collating data and information on shopping centres and brands across Europe; she showed that she had excellent administrative skills, formatting CVs, compiling reports, and collecting information; she demonstrated an ability to work on many tasks at once delivering with accuracy on time.

I heartily recommend Marge for her positive approach, her quick response, her ability to pick up new tasks quickly and her prompt delivery.


Jeffrey Liu

CEO and Co-Founder of GuavaPass

If you want someone who is quick on her feet, can get a lot done in short periods of time, Marge is the person you should hire!

I hired Marge in early 2014 to oversee and coordinate several web development projects. She was a full-time hire and worked at least 40 hours every week. She was responsible for half of my website portfolio, which included websites of various sizes that covered numerous categories. During this time, she helped me build and manage websites, with tasks ranging from setting up a brand new site at the inception stage to helping me with SEO and link building assignments.

What I like about Marge is that she “gets it”. She is able to pick things up quickly. She is also assertive, and is willing to step up and ask direct questions to get the job done. She is also got a great work ethic and always goes beyond what is required of her. She's also got a great personality. She gets along with others, has a great “yes” attitude and is hungry to do well. I believe she will thrive in any environment and any employer that hires her will be pleased with her work product.