Virtual Assistant Services

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Hiring an additional staff, like a local personal assistant, can betoo costly, especially for a start-up. The salary, training cost, infrastructure, office, insurance, taxes, and retirement may add up to huge expenses. This is why the concept of a virtual assistant was brought as a smarter and more cost-effective alternative.

Telework PH provides you all the services a personal assistant can perform without the cost and hassle of hiring a permanent executive assistant. We have a team of virtual assistants that are trained to carry out a wide range of activities to facilitate your business process and personal duties.

Reliable Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

When important business errands elude you from making other strategic decisions and plans that will shape the direction of your organization, it\'s time to hire a virtual assistant. As the captain of your organization, you need to focus on the bigger picture and free up your mind for better business decisions.

Telework PH is dedicated to providing high level virtual assistance in the Philippines. The range of services that our excellent roster of virtual assistants provide includes:

  • Schedule and events management

  • Online Research

  • Email, chat and communication management

  • Social media management

  • Data entry, management and presentation

  • Customer support

  • Content writing

  • Bookkeeping

  • Web development and design

  • Inbound marketing

  • Graphics design

Is the service you are looking for not listed above? Contact us - we can still help you!

Virtual Assistance Services
You Can Outsource to Telework PH

Telework PH is one of the most reliable virtual assistant companies in the Philippines, and have served clients in the US, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, to name a few. With its founder who has dedicated her career to providing all kinds of support to organizations in different industries, Telework PH has established its reputation in the remote workforce.

We have an in-house training facility that provides high-level virtual assistant training. Our instructors have more than 10 years experience in training virtual assistants and have had enormous successes in bringing in thousands of qualified VA\'s now working with clients all over the world.

Expert-Level Service

We ensure that our virtual assistants have a deep knowledge of your organization’s culture, workflow, and tools. Our team of virtual assistants is flexible, committed and dedicated to your business success.

Tailor-Fit for Your Needs

The virtual assistant working with you is uniquely appointed to you and will not be doing other work. This is to ensure you get tasks done for you, whenever, wherever.

Professional and Reliable

An effective virtual assistant is someone who is guided well in the first few steps until he becomes independent. We believe you and your business are unique so our VAs need the time to adjust to your set up, so they can fully function like your own employee. We encourage that you take a time to communicate with your VA, ideally on a daily basis by setting a recurring schedule on your calendar.


Our services are affordable, timely and always satisfactory. We work round the clock to give you the best virtual assistant experience. If you are not happy with the experience, let's talk!

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