Case Studies

Client: Analysis Software in NY

Service Availed: Customer Support

1. What is was your reason for outsourcing?

Our company started looking for overseas help when we realized that hiring the right people at an affordable price proved to be difficult in the U.S. Our busy season and ever-changing product led to the need of more reps to onboard and support it. We wanted to continue to support our clients 24/7 – we looked overseas to fill that gap.

2. Why did you choose Telework PH among other options?

We already had connections through our operations department in Manila. Telework PH also has a good reputation for call center support. We were able to find highly qualified people at an affordable price and lower our budget significantly.

3. What were the significant results after working with Telework PH?

Our time to first response and resolution times decreased over time. We were able to maintain a minimal backlog year after year. More calls were being answered in a timely manner.