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Our Solutions

We strategically scale your business while
keeping the costs at bay, through the power of outsourcing.

Your company or customer data, when transformed into relevant business information, is one of the best assets you can have. From the process of collection to storage, this data should be handled with due diligence, confidentiality, accuracy, and efficiency.

Successful businesses don’t just wait around to get customers. They take bold, proactive steps to close a sale and engage with their customers. At Telework PH, we recognize the need to expand your customer base as well as maintain retention and satisfaction, all while giving you the bang for your buck.

Are you spending too much time answering phone calls, responding to emails, scheduling appointments, creating and executing various to-do lists? Eliminate the burden and focus your attention on the strategic components of your organization with a professional virtual assistant.

Scaling your business doesn't have to mean a huge increase in overhead. Keep your core back office operations and complement it with an offshore accounting, engineering or human resource team to accommodate your expanding needs.

Because of the shift in the way businesses and people work, there has been an increase in demand with the development of machine learning human-powered data. What you need today is a reliable team that’s skilled and trained to provide you with accurate data labeling and high-quality output for your AI application.

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Leverage on Telework PH to Transform Your Business

Imagine being able to scale your business to at least 7 figures MRR without spending top dollar on overhead or spending more working hours to hire, train or manage employees.

If you could free up your time and still get your business gears in full throttle like a well-oiled machine, would you do it?

The secret lies in delegating to the right BPO company! At TeleworkPH, we help you drill on your pain points:

Stacking and unnecessary overhead costs

Repetitive hiring, training and retention of new employees

Hit and miss in business processes

Unsustainable and unscalable in-house solutions

Not meeting targets

Unable to amplify  the bottom-line

By partnering with Telework PH, you are guaranteed to get these:


Done-For-You Work

Done-For-You Work: You have copyright or ownership rights to everything – Knowledge base, scripts, landing pages, blog posts, website design, etc.!


Tech Enabled Automation

Combination of innovation, technology, automation, skilled and trained pros, and superior quality products and services to deliver the results you want for your business.



You take the back seat while we drive. No headaches, anxiety, and burnouts ever! You select projects and tasks you need done, send instructions, and we go from there.


Protection Guarantee

We provide binding contracts that keep your investments protected with guarantee of timely and satisfactory deliverables!


Pre-vetted Talent

No recruitment drama ever! All tasks and projects are assigned to the pros (copywriters, web designers, virtual assistants; and more We have every specialist you need, name it!


Agile Approach

An agile approach to amplifying communication and responsiveness and getting our business tempo in sync. We dedicate and commit like founders.


Business Virtual Extension

We become an in-house and virtual extension of your business that works in line with your goals.


No Trial-and-Error

Unlock the trial-and-error of business conundrums


Data Protection

Ensure protection and privacy of your trade secrets and customers’ data


Target Optimized

Optimize and achieve your target ROIs

5 Star Recommendation from Clients

In the video, Maayan talks about her experience in getting a virtual assistant for the first time and how Telework PH has helped her through every step of the way.


They helped me source my virtual assistant, and they also helped build the infrastructure and system to make sure I can easily reach out to them for any issues and monitoring.

Maayan Gordon

CEO of Maayan Gordon Media

I had the chance to work with Jeff Thompson and his team at TeleworkPH for a recent data compilation project. In short, it completely exceeded my expectations as I had never worked with a remote workforce team before. Jeff took what I was looking for, distilled it down, and got his team on it. By being able to hand off my project to Jeff and his team, it freed me up from several days of work which allowed me to be productive elsewhere, all in a very cost-efficient way. The results? Impeccable and delivered exactly when and how he said the work would be ready.”


Jeff Pugel

Founder and
CEO of Ignition

I can’t be happier than this. TeleworkPH has been awesome from the first call I had with Jeff Thompson a couple of years ago till today. Super-fast supply of agents (I literally just had an interview and agents can start in a week’s time). Perfect English of the agents, constant support, and account management. In terms of pricing per hour, I’m also really wrapped. I’ve tested different options in different countries, you might find a cheaper option, but definitely not the same value per spend. Absolutely great value for the spend. If you’re looking for reliable contact centre services at affordable rates, I would highly recommend TeleworPH. Thanks, guys.



Cleaning Patrol

5-star rating. I have been a satisfied client of Telework PH since 2017. At that time, they have helped with everything, from research, content creation, web development, and marketing. They cover an enormous range of services, and I very much recommend working with Telework PH. Nice people, easy to work with, high-quality work, and always on time. What more could you ask for?”


Will Bailey

Director of Astute

RC is doing very well as a manager. He is quick to pick up on the details of the processes and reporting and ensures that he fully understands the situation He’s very responsive and proactive. Honestly, he’s one of the better managers we work with. [on TeleworkPH’s Operation Manager, RC]


K. Dietz

Director of

We’re always appreciative of all of the hard work done by TeleworkPH. Whenever we ask for any type of service, we know it will be done with great effort and care. We can always count on them to get the job done quickly and well!


Jimmy Polet

Client Services

I felt so fortunate to have her on my team. You found me a good team player! [on her Telework PH Virtual Assistant]”



Tiny Loans NZ

Shout out to Nikko for his work. He did a great job (boxing only visible portions of objects, nice tight and clean boxes, boxing objects in every frame, following instructions, etc.). Good model tasks! [on Annotation Agent, Nikko]




The dedication and effort you give for our customers are going to help our leadership team reach the next level. Thank you again for the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into GO over the last year, we wouldn’t be where we are without you.


K. McEwen

Support Lead

I would like to commend John Mark. He is very good at his task and we'd like to keep him on it. [on TeleworkPH Agent, John Mark]




I've been looking through a couple of case works and seen some of yours. Killing it on your end. Keep gaining that knowledge. Great job on the surveys this month! You've got a lot of really, really good ones.


K. McEwen

Support Lead

Shout out to Maybell, Clarize & Ted, These agents are selected because they were the top agents in terms of quality.




Kudos to Cha and her Team. We really appreciate the QA team for being proactive in calling out & flagging the agents and sending recommendations as to why they are needed to be removed from a specific project. This safeguards their relationship with their customers.



BPO Liaison

Shout out to Rhyner, He is good at many tasks, so we have put him in an extremely difficult but important project! [on TeleworkPH Agent, Rhyner]




Jalyn’s survey volume was over 10% of her closed cases and scored over a 9 for 2018. This is outstanding work, and it deserves to be rewarded. It shows that she exemplifies running in the customer’s shoes as well as Buy-In. She’s a tremendous agent.


D. Holiday

Director of

EJ has been a fantastic addition to the team! He is the first to tackle difficult issues and takes them on with no hesitation. His genuine care for our customers shows in all of the hard work he does. Thanks, EJ! [on TeleworkPH Agent, EJ]


K. McEwen

Support Lead

Kudos to Anthony, Alex, and Mikko, Their task is really just artistic at some point and the attention to detail blows me away! [on Annotation Agents, Anthony, Alex, and Mikko]


Jesse W.

Product Trainer

Big kudos to Michael for the attention to detail in his work on 'oberon_semseg_ group'! I mean just look at the attention to detail on this antenna. [on Annotation Agent, Michael]


Jesse W.

Product Trainer

Kudos to Arnel. He did a 5/5 perfect score on his task! It's a very very tricky intricate project so it's awesome to see Arnel do so well. [on TeleworkPH Agent, Arnel]




Kudos to Carlo and Angelo for doing an amazing job on 'zodiac_road_ paintings' project! [on Annotation Agents, Carlo and Angelo]


Jules S.

Product Trainer