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From Vision To Screen: The "Miss Probinsyana" Journey with Marge Aviso

Welcome to a new season and a fresh format of TeleCast PH! In this episode, host Jeff Thompson sits down with the trailblazing CEO of Telework PH, Marge Aviso, to explore the story behind the advocacy film "When the World Met Miss Probinsyana." Inspired by Marge's own life and business journey, the film showcases her transition from a provincial town in the Philippines to the global business arena. This episode offers listeners a unique behind-the-scenes look at the film, delving into themes of women empowerment, gender equality, mental health, poverty and the power of perseverance.

Ep. 43 How to Thrive During a Recession

In this episode of TelecastPH, host Jeff Thompson explores the strategic move of offshore outsourcing and how it can help businesses not only survive but thrive during a recession.

Amid economic hardships and challenges, smart business leaders understand the importance of maintaining exceptional customer experience and maximizing efficiency to stay ahead of the competition.

Jeff delves into the advantages of outsourcing during tough times, such as significant cost savings, increased productivity, and the ability to strategically allocate resources. He addresses common objections and fears about outsourcing, highlighting the availability of tools and platforms for effective communication and quality control.

Telework PH's CEO signs the UN Women's Empowerment Principles

Happy International Women's Day!

Telework PH's CEO and Founder Marge Aviso, proudly expresses full support for advancing equality between women and men.

By fostering sustainable talent development in the Philippines, the company aims to bring them to the world and encourage economic and social conditions that provide opportunities for all.

Therefore, we welcome the Women's Empowerment Principles presented by the United Nations.

We also encourage business leaders to join us and use the principles as guidance for actions that we can all take in the workplace marketplace, and the community to empower women and benefit our companies and societies.

Ep. 42 The Importance of Partnering with an ISO Certified Company

In this episode of Telecast PH, host Jeff Thompson discusses the significance of ISO certification when selecting a company to partner with for business growth and success.

ISO certification is an internationally recognized standard for quality management, demonstrating that a company meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and reliability in their products and services.

Jeff explains why partnering with an ISO certified company is crucial and highlights the journey of Telework PH towards ISO certification.

Ep. 41 Inflation and Brand Loyalty

Inflation and rising energy costs are forcing many companies to find ways to cut corners and stay in business.

In fact, if you watch the recent projections, it may be getting worse before it gets better.

With looming memories of the pandemic, fear and uncertainty may be tempting many business leaders to start reducing support staff or even shortening customer service operating hours to cut costs.

But what will that do to the customer experience? How will your loyal customers react?

Listen to this episode of Telecast PH and discover how that brand loyalty you worked so hard to achieve from your customers may work against you in times of inflation and even recession. And why

Then discover what can be done to prevent losing good, loyal customers forever…and still operate at a lower cost and higher margins.

Your customers will thank you for listening!

To find out more about Telework PH and about our affordable alternative staffing solutions hop on over to

Or connect with me on LinkedIn:

Make sure to follow this podcast for more on how you can enhance your customer experience!

Ep. 40 How To Improve Efficiency By Outsourcing

There are so many ways to improve efficiency in a company’s operations. Reviewing processes, finding leaks, and even consolidating department tasks can help, but isn’t there an even more effective way?

Yes there is. Through outsourcing some of the non-core aspects to the experts. Those that focus and specialize in one specific area, like customer support, can deliver a streamlined experience to customers with less hassle and yes, less overhead.

But if you think outsourcing is only a way to cut costs then you’ll want t listen to this episode. Find out here how any company can improve efficiency through outsourcing.

Ep. 39 The Art Of Writing Customer Support Emails

Keeping customers engaged with a brand can have many moving parts.

It can seem like an enigma wrapped up in a riddle trying to figure out new and exciting ways to make sure customers stay loyal and tell their friends all about how good they feel about the choice to use this product or service.

..and sometimes in that search the simplest and most basic tweaks can get overlooked and forgotten about.

In this episode we take a look at the Art of Writing Customer Support emails and how this basic conversational communication can set the entire atmosphere for how customers will see the rest of their experience with a brand.

Customer Experience is the new battleground where companies compete, and if your company or support staff is making your customers wait, then you need to look into other solutions.

They won't stand for it for too long.

So why are customers so impatient these days? And how can you make the changes to meet their demands?

Listen to this episode to find out!

Ep. 38 Are You Playing Tag With Your Customers?

If there's one thing customers in 2022 hate — t's waiting for a resolution to their support issues.

Playing an endless game of email tag because they lead a busy life and aren't available during support hours can be the deciding factor in leaving your brand for the competition.

Customer Experience is the new battleground where companies compete, and if your company or support staff is making your customers wait, then you need to look into other solutions.

They won't stand for it for too long.

So why are customers so impatient these days? And how can you make the changes to meet their demands?

Listen to this episode to find out!

Ep. 37 Chatbots VS Live Agents

If there's one thing that the pandemic taught us it's that people like interaction with other people. Those that were forced into lockdown and quarantine situations who weren't able to work from home and actually communicate with people on the outside world on a regular basis, struggled because they missed that one element that really keeps us sane and that's human interaction

The same can be said about the customer experience and using chatbots and other automations when it comes to customer support. You cannot give your customers an exceptional experience by throwing chatbots and artificial intelligence at them to replace a live person when they have a serious or more complex issue. They want that human touch to feel reassurance…

Sure, they seemed like a great idea in the beginning as a way to streamline the customer experience and cut costs

...but was it really just a wolf in sheep’s clothing ?

And we're seeing now how chatbots are on a steady decline yet there are a lot of companies that are still holding on to them- trying desperately to make them work

If you're using chatbots as the main foundation for your customer support or thinking about it- you wanna listen to this episode because it might not be the chat bot itself- but what the chat bot represents that could end up driving your customers away.

Ep.36 Reach The Customers Marketing Can't

Did you know that 92% of your potential customers are simply unaffected by your marketing?

In this episode we explore how providing an exceptional customer experience can help reduce marketing costs AND reach those customers your marketing team can't.

Listen in and discover the one key reason why your marketing doesn't seem to resonate with the customers you are trying to attract — and what you can do to change that!

Ep.35 DC vs Marvel: The Ultimate Power of Brand Loyalty

Here’s a quick brand loyalty test. Who do you prefer? Ant Man or Atom? Captain Marvel or Superman? And the ultimate choice: Iron Man or Batman?

Chances are you most likely have a preference. Or an obsession? The point is, comic book fans in general tend to stay loyal to their brand.

Both DC and Marvel have reached a point in brand loyalty where neither of them have to chase after fans. They don’t have to say “please watch our movies and buy our merch” They simply say “Here’s the movie you’ve been waiting for!”

Ok, ok so maybe comic books can’t compare to what you are offering. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have such brand loyalty? How did they or any company with great brand loyalty get to that level?

We'll take a look at what it takes to achieve superior brand loyalty and how providing an amazing customer experience can ensure you keep it!

Ep.34 What Are Your CSATS Telling You?

Love 'em or hate 'em, CSAT surveys are one of the fastest ways to get feedback from a customer after a support interaction.

CSATS allow the customer to numerically rate, in most cases, the interaction and experience they had while their support issue was resolved.

But are you asking the right questions on your CSAT surveys? Do you know what they are actually telling you?

In this episode of TelecastPH, we take a quick look at customer support CSAT surveys and the questions they should and should not be asking. Also, we'll talk about ways to increase the customers response rate. Make those CSAT surveys do their job!

EP: 33 Down the Rabbit Hole of Social Media

A conversation with Graphics and Social Media Manager for E2E Studios, Eilidh Moyes

Yes, this episode is a lot longer than most. However, as I was editing, everytime I went to cut something out, I changed my mind. There is just too much value to miss a single word. Eilidh opened my eyes to a lot of the reality which is social media. Her almost revolutionary ways and ideas will make you seriously think about your own behaviors with your social media campaigns.

Eilidh is well on her way, if not already, to becoming a social media expert. From her home in a little farming town in Scotland, she leads us down the rabbithole of social media and explains many of the mistakes brands and businesses make when posting to social media. Mistakes that end with very little or even damaging results.


Key Takeaways:

• Grow organically before using paid ads
• “Likes” vs. impressions
• Which social media platforms are the best for B2B or B2C
• Are Google and LinkedIn ads worth the money for startups?
• Reflect on your own behaviors when posting to social media
• Why Facebook and Instagram work for brand awareness
• Hitting the wrong audience
• Staggering content/no need to post daily
• Also we take an indepth look at the role of the influencer and social media as a whole

If you’re struggling with social media, then this episode is for you.

EP: 32 Big D Goes to Hell and Back

A Conversation With Celebrity Chef And Hell's Kitchen Season 19 Contestant, Declan Horgan

50 Minutes

Are you a Hell's Kitchen Fan? How about a home chef who drools over watching Gordon Ramsey work his magic?

In this installment of Telecast PH, we are talking with celebrity chef and Hell's Kitchen season 19 contestant, Declan Horgan, who gives us a little background into his life, experience, and how his passion for cooking came to be.

We also learn a little about being behind the scenes at Hell’s Kitchen and what it's like to meet and cook for Gordon Ramsey

And Chef Declan lets us in on what he has in the pipeline for 2021 including some amazing investment opportunities. Also, he has some golden advice for those who are thinking of getting into the restaurant game.

If you like Hell’s Kitchen and BBQ sauce then you'll love this episode!

TeleworkPH We Were Remote Ready

EP: 31 Monsters and Aliens!

A conversation with independent filmmakers Adam and Kristin Steigert

1 hour

I had the unique privilege to have a conversation with independent filmmakers and husband and wife Adam A.K.A. "Indie Adam" and Kristen Steigert who have brought us such films as Fang and Horrific Evil Monsters.

So you may wonder why a podcast mainly geared toward business would feature independent filmmakers. Simply put, filmmaking is their business.

In fact, back in 2017 , along with another partner Christopher Burns Jr., they started a film company named 388 Studios. They have the same structure as any business- they take a creative idea- they produce that idea then take the product to market- and face the same challenges along the way.


Key Takeaways

  • The challenges of filmmaking
  • You have to do something different if you want to stand out
  • Passion overrides everything
  • The freedom of staying independent and self producing
  • Know your audience (market)
  • Grab you audience in the first 15 seconds
  • Give your audience what THEY want
  • PLUS we learn about their individual journeys into filmmaking

Adam and Kristin make large scale, slasher-horror, B movies. And these films are, in my opinion, budding cult classics. Curious what I mean by large scale movies?

EP: 30 An Ounce Of Prevention...

A conversation with Zack Abbott, Microbiologist and CEO of ZBiotics

54 minutes

What if I told you that you can go to the upcoming holiday office parties- drink as much as you want and not wake up with a hangover?

Well that's exactly what my guest in this episode has made possible.
I had a conversation with microbiologist, co- founder, and CEO of ZBotics, Zack Abbott.

They have formulated a genetically engineered probiotic drink that, with a little bit of pre planning, you can indulge in your favorite alcoholic beverages and bypass the after effects the next morning.
However, this is just the beginning. They have several other projects going on that can make a huge impact on health and wellness.


Some key takeaways:

  • Gut health and the microbiome
  • How acetaldehyde, a by product of consuming alcohol, is toxic to the body and is the main source of the "morning after"
  • How stress, mood, and even lack of sleep can affect our gut bacteria
  • Any biological function on the planet can be programed into a bacteria with genetic engineering
  • How Zack looks to things that would benefit his own life for product and business ideas
  • The challenges and surprises faced in the three years it took to bring this product to the market
  • Seize the morning after the night before!

ZBiotics is the first ever product of its kind to hit the market and remains so today. And as Zack explains, ZBiotics is not making any attempts to promote alcohol abuse or indulgence in any way, but explains that ZBiotics is an important part of drinking responsibly along with other factors.
Find out more about ZBiotics and get some fun and interesting science facts!

EP: 29 The Rise Of The Consultant

A conversation with Samantha Johnson, president of NollaCorp Innovative Solutions

51 minutes

I had put out a post a few weeks ago on LinkedIn about looking for guests for the podcast.

I got a few inquiries, but the one that stood out was a woman by the name of Samantha Johnson from Grand Rapids Michigan.

Samantha is the president of NollaCorp Innovative Solutions
Now whenever someone reaches out to inquire about being a guest, I always take a look at their LinkedIn profile to see what kind of value they can offer the listeners. And I saw Samantha's profile and noticed she offers consultation services for client acquisition and retention and for re-inventing business processes- something near and dear to my heart.

Now, I don't do a whole lot of research into my guests. I used to- I used to prepare questions and notes and it really slowed the flow of the podcast- NOW I just get a few notes and topics I'd like to discuss and basically go from there and have a great conversation.

I have to tell you I was not prepared for the stories she shares about her experience in business, investing, and day trading (being self taught) and everything she has already accomplished, with seemingly insurmountable odds stacked up against her.. all at the tender age of only 24..


Some key takeaways:

  • How she built her first business and sold it 5 years later
  • College isn't for everyone
  • Everything is a process
  • The RED FLAGS signalling change in processes is needed
  • How she became an expert in client acquisition
  • Day trading has become her passion
  • Keep reading and keep yourself educated
  • Her journey in the business world as a gay, black woman with no formal education

You'll not want to miss this powerful and inspiring episode!

EP: 28 Be The Reason Someone Smiles

A conversation with Michael Ray, Founder of Smile Project Louisville

36 minutes

Doing this podcast has been one of the joys in my life for the past year.

In the intro I say this podcast is "dedicated to changing the way we look at outsourcing to the Philippines"- and it is. However the goal has always been more than just getting the word out about what we do here at TeleworkPH.

When I choose my guests its because I know they have something unique to share. I have met some amazing people that have shared great advice and experiences. And that's really what its all about.

And today’s guest is no exception.

Michael Ray founder of Smile Project Louisville.

If you’re not connected to Michael on LinkedIn or seen any of his videos featuring his daughter, Maddie, who was born with downs syndrome I highly recommend that you do.

Michael not only committed himself to raising Maddie, but has endured what I would consider every fathers nightmare and that's the loss of a child.


Some key takeaways:

  • We are the product of the choices we make
  • We smile because life is hard, not because it's easy
  • Create the change you want to see in your life

Michael shares his story with me and the magical moment when he decided to found Smile project..and be the reason someone smiles today...

EP: 27 The Bubble Of Social Media

A conversation with MJ Felizarta, founder of Bubble Media & Co

41 minutes

Sometimes a new company evolves from necessity. And in a way that's how Bubble Media & CO was founded.

Tired of working the 9-5 for the BPO industry and a year of family health problems and financial setbacks, MJ Felizarta took her passion and started Bubble Media & Co. a social media management company.

I talk with MJ about her humble beginnings and what led up to her taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. We also discuss what's going on in social media today and the elements for being successful.


Key Takeaways:

  • How MJ found her inspiration from watching her mother
  • How she failed with her first client
  • Be consistent with social media
  • Keep "dumping value"; don't just take — give
  • Be a responsible creator
  • How to put the "human" in your marketing
  • Engage, engage, engage

This was a fun, interesting and engaging conversation. This is MJ's first podcast, so she was a little nervous in the beginning. But surely you can gain value from this conversation.

EP: 26 Rapping About Writing: The Art Of The Blog

A conversation with Adam Ward BA (Hons) MA, Author, poet, musician and Content Marketing Specialist At Leadmetrics

33 minutes

In today’s episode, Adam and I delve into the world of blogs and blog writing. Blog writing is the perfect way to connect with your target customer base. By having a regularly updated blog on your company website, you can give your visitors something more to sink their teeth into.

Furthermore, blogs can serve as lead magnets as they drive more people to your website and keep them engaged longer.

Basically...blogs rule!


Key Takeaways:

  • How new companies can get their blogs going
  • The impact a blog can actually make
  • Topics to write about
  • Length and frequency of blog posts
  • Choosing your audience
  • Using Yoast and other blogging tools

This was a fun, interesting and engaging conversation. We got a little crazy at the end, but surely you can gain value from this conversation.

EP: 25 The Birth Of A SaaS Startup

A conversation with Paul Doerwald, Founder and CEO of Clockk

40 minutes

Paul Doerwald, founder and CEO of Clockk, had a vision. He listened to and heard the pains of freelancers and consultancies when it came to properly billing clients for their time.

So he set out to make a difference.

He developed Clockk, an amazing new software-as-a-service tool solving the time sheet problem for creative agencies and software consultancies.

There is nothing else like it on the market today.


There are so many key takeaways to this conversation!

  • Listening to the pains of your target market
  • How certain businesses are learning a new skill set
  • The many hats a founder/CEO has to wear at startup
  • The phases of launching a startup

Paul shares the best advice available for product founders and entrepreneurs!
Plus he shares his personal journey and COVID-19 reflections
Are you a startup founder? How about a freelancer or creative agency?

Maybe you have an idea for a disruptive technology that can make an impact on the current market.

In any case, you won't want to miss this episode of TeleCastPH!

EP: 24 How To Supercharge Your Leadership

A conversation with Ben Dueck, The Leadership Guy

40 minutes

This episode features a powerful conversation about leadership with Ben Dueck, President and Founder of Cantera Leadership.

Ben is "The Leadership Guy" having earned a Masters degree in leadership and becoming a Certified CliftonStrengths Executive Coach.

Another amazing thing about Ben is that he has developed his own Signature CliftonStrengths themes, which are:

  • Strategic
  • Belief
  • Self-Assurance
  • Ideation
  • Futuristic

Key Takeaways:

  • How to transform your leadership through 4 specific points
  • How to be a leader in these difficult times
  • How leaders can produce consistent and effective results
  • Learn the CliftonStrengths approach to leadership

It was an extremely interesting conversation about leadership development and opened my eyes to many of the ways leaders and even teams can strengthen their skills and be more effective.

Strong leadership is needed now more than ever. No one should miss this episode.

EP: 23 COVID-19 And LinkedIn Social Selling

A Conversation With Jeff Pugel, Founder And CEO Of Ignition

36 minutes

Today's episode features an intriguing conversation I had with Jeff Pugel.

Jeff founded Ignition to help B2B businesses and sales teams get off the rollercoaster and create new opportunities by:

  • Knowing who you are as a company​
  • Talking to the right people
  • Having a repeatable and scalable process


Key Takeaways

  • How Ignition made a pivot to help small companies "survive and thrive" during the pandemic
  • How leadgen is transforming
  • Harness the power of LinkedIn and Social Selling with content
  • How to stay on a prospects radar

Plus Jeff shares his personal journey and taking the leap into starting his own business

If you are struggling with the current pandemic and want to find out more on how to use LinkedIn and Social Selling to help make new contacts, then you won't want to miss this episode!

EP: 22 EQ For Leadership And Customer Support

A conversation with Teresa Quinlan

43 Minutes

Today's episode features an amazing conversation with Teresa Quinlan, a Transformation Specialist through Emotional Intelligence (or EQ).

This was seriously an eye opening conversation for me.


Some of the key takeaways:

  • The fundamentals and basics of EQ
  • How EQ affects every aspect of our lives
  • How customer support can better handle rough situations
  • How leadership can better manage their teams

And so much more

Teresa was an amazing guest and is definitely someone you want to contact and find out more.

She provides coaching sessions as well as seminars, webinars and workshops.

EP: 21 COVID-19 Survival As A Small Queen Bee Business

I had a great conversation with Glen and Shevelle Stephens, owners of Revival queen bees in Alberta Canada.

I learned some fascinating facts about bees, queen bees especially and the entire beekeeping and honey business.

But the key takeaways to the conversation is not about bees.

It’s how they risked everything to start their business and the steps they took to get their passion of reviving the beekeeping and honey industry in their area off the ground.

They left their jobs and endured losses and quite a few struggles, including a bee sting allergy that could have potentially shut them down for good.

They also give some essential advice for other struggling business owners who are facing hard times during this pandemic.

EP: 20 Using Your Left Brain And Right Brain Together- A Conversation With Jenny Siede

Are you right brained or left brained?

For right brained people creativity comes easy whereas logic may be a struggle.

For left brained people it's just the opposite. They flourish with math skills and logic, but sometimes fall short with creativity.

In this episode, I talk with Jenny Seide, owner of In Style Exchange.

She talks about how she has used her skills and education in computer science AND her eye for aesthetics at the same time to build a successful design business. She goes on to explain how she has learned to harmonize both sides of her brain and tap into each sides unique abilities and functions to work together.

And shares her secrets on how you can do it too.

EP: 19 TWPH RAW- Transforming 500 Agents To WFH

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and local and national government agencies imposing quarantine, TeleworkPH had to make a decision.

And we had to make it fast.

It was never an issue of IF we could make the transformation to work from home, it was a matter of what's the best way to get it done.

And the transformation took place.

Here we get together in a raw session and talk about the steps taken to make an unprecedented transformation. Moving the entire operations of TeleworkPH to a work from home setting.

I talk with Directors Dreamy Rose Loquinario, RC Constantino, CMO Jun Baranggan, Lyn Baynosa and of course founder and CEO, Marge Aviso.

EP: 18 Behind The Scenes At TeleworkPH

A conversation with HR Director Dreamy Rose Loquinario

33 minutes

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a call center?

I had an amazing conversation with our HR Director Dreamy Rose Loquinario who shared her challenges in the day to day operations of TeleworkPH.

We discuss what it’s like to source agents, what the agents have to go through and the English skills required to work as an agent at TeleworkPH.

Dream talks about how the company culture of TeleworkPH is the foundation for finding (and keeping) high-quality, talented employees.

She also explains what it took to develop the HR department as a startup from scratch and offers some great advice to others who may just be starting out and building their own Human Resource department.

This is not one to miss!

EP: 17 Reboot - Do Filipinos Really Speak English?

Welcome to the TeleCastPH reboot!

Why the reboot?

I wanted to take a step back and really review the content I was putting out. My goal is to take it to the next level.

In this episode we talk about some of the misconceptions about outsourcing to the Philippines and answer some of the comments from my LinkedIn network.

We will take an indepth look at The Philippines and English. You just may be surprised to discover the truth.

Also, find out why I did a reboot and the amazing content yet to come!

EP: 16 Interview with "Coach" Paul Joson, Head of Learning and Development at TeleworkPH

Training is one of the most important and essential part of any business.

And it’s also important to recognize that people have different personalities and learn in different ways.

Having a training department skilled in not only passing knowledge, but being able to reach each and every individual and train them on their level, is a highly effective way to make sure you’re able to bring on great people.

And it works wonders for company culture

Today's #podcast​ features an amazing interview with the head of our Learning & Development department here at TeleworkPH, “Coach” Paul Joson.

Paul and I talk about the importance of quality training and how to unlock the potential of each individual during training.

Also, we learn about the TeleworkPH 3 day foundation training that Coach Paul spent endless hours creating from scratch

... and the big secret we have been keeping.

Something no other BPO does in the Philippines.

EP: 15 Building Brand Loyalty Through Customer Support Tip Five: Making The Customer Whole Again

This is the fifth in the 5 part series of how to use customer support to build a stronger brand loyalty.

Today we are talking about the fifth and final way customer support can help build brand loyalty and that is by making the customer whole again and how you’ll want to empower support to be able to take the steps necessary to make the customer whole. To make them complete.

What do I mean by that?

It’s simple.

You want to make sure the customer has not lost anything whether it be money, time or even damage to their personal reputation or health.

By making sure they walk away from the experience whole and complete, the customer will not have the feeling that the brand has taken something from them.

This is a basic psychological feeling that everyone experiences. And sadly one that many brands and companies ignore.

EP: 14 Building Brand Loyalty Through Customer Support Tip Four: Building/Repairing Trust

This is the fourth in the 5 part series of how to use customer support to build a stronger brand loyalty.

Customers like to identify with the brands they choose and trusting that brand is a major factor in the customer journey. And there could be several times during that journey when the customer places trust in the brand.

When a customer calls support they are placing blind trust in the agent.

Not just the brand, but the actual agent they are speaking to.

In this episode I talk about how the customer service agent becomes the sole ambassador of trust. They become that extension of each and every department in the company... including representing the CEO.

EP: 13 Building Brand Loyalty Through Customer Support Tip #3 Follow Ups And The Personal Touch

This is the third in the 5 part series of how to use customer support to build a stronger brand loyalty.

Those that follow my articles and podcast should know by now how I’m a huge advocate of personal follow ups when it comes to customer support.

Follow ups on support cases can make the difference between brand loyalty and a customer leaving for good.

In this episode, I talk about the personal touch to follow-ups and give some examples that I have used in the past.

Keep in mind that customer support can be almost as crucial as the core aspects of your company.

Customer retention and brand loyalty isn’t always how well it works when things go right. It can depend on how you handle things when they go wrong.

EP: 12 Building Brand Loyalty Through Customer Support Tip Two: Customer Suggestions

This is the second in the 5 part series of how to use customer support to build a stronger brand loyalty.

Do you listen to your customer’s suggestions?

I mean really listen to them?

Do you have a platform where your customers can make suggestions and know they are heard?

In this episode of TelecastPH, I talk briefly about how customer support can be used in handling customer suggestions.

Getting the customer involved and listening to their feedback is a powerful way to build brand loyalty.

EP: 11 Building Brand Loyalty Through Customer Support Tip #1 Active Listening

Building Brand Loyalty Through Customer Support

Brand loyalty is imperative. And you need your customers to spread the word about your product or service. After all, that type of free advertising is worth more than any ad you could buy or social media marketing campaign. When one person tells another about a brand, they add one element that you cannot do. Even with case studies. And that’s the personal experience. The real truth.

Tip one of this 5 part series: Active Listening

Statistically, 60% of all problems within businesses are a result of poor communication.

So that being said, it would serve everyone to really brush up on their active listening skills. Especially customer support agents.

Customers want to be heard. And more so they want to be understood.

In this series I'll explain some of the things I have done to make sure customers take away a positive experience to promote brand loyalty.

EP: 10 What Do You Get When You Outsource Your Support Staff With TeleworkPH

I just got out of a call with a prospective client who is considering outsourcing her company’s support staff with us.

We had a great time talking about the ways her company can benefit from outsourcing with TeleworkPH and I have to say she went away happy and armed with a lot of info to help her make her final decision (I think she has already decided just wants to let me stew for awhile).

However, during the call she asked one important question: What do I actually get when I outsource with TeleworkPH?

And that got me thinking....

In this episode I'll explain everything you get when you outsource with TeleworkPH

I'll explain the agent hour and what's included

If you are thinking about outsourcing your support staff to the Philippines, you'll not want to miss out on this one.

EP: 9 Getting On The Customer's Level

There’s quite a bit of psychology that goes into giving great customer support.

It’s not always easy.

The goal is to make a connection with the customer.

This can be a bit of a challenge over the phone. Especially when you only have just a few seconds to assess the situation through the tone of their voice

In today's podcast, I talk about ways to get on the customer's level. No one likes to be talked down to, and in a lot of cases people don't like to be talked up to either.

EP: 8 Keep It Real With Customer Expectations

13 minute podcast about the importance of setting the right expectations with your customers. Especially during support cases.

Value you will get from this podcast:

  • How companies set expectations for their customers
  • What is the cause of customer dissatisfaction (hint: expectations)
  • Ways you can keep it real and set the right expectations with your frustrated customers

I think you'll agree that setting the right expectations is crucial.

Especially in dealing with support issues.

Here I included some of the things I have done in the past while working support that have not only diffused the situation at hand, but turned frustrated customers into loyal ones.


By setting their expectations properly.

Not making any outrageous promises or telling them what they want to hear just to get them off the phone.

Sometimes you have deliver news they don't want to hear, but if you keep it real, you can still salvage the relationship.

EP: 7 Clear The Clutter

Want to increase your productivity and keep you mind clear?

Take a few tips from my Grandfather

One of the top salesmen ever for The Akron Bearing Company

He always kept his desk clutter free.

Not only that, he planted flowers all around his home.

He kept his spaces clean and beautiful

A cluttered workspace can lead to a cluttered mind. This not only affects productivity but can have a major impact on your mental strain, health and even on company culture.

EP: 6 What's In Your 2020 Strat Plan?

What’s In your Strat Plan For 2020?

How about Process management and Improvement?

Is your process management and improvement currently sitting on the back burner?

That's one area strategic outsourcing can help


Adding outsourcing to your strat plan for 2020 can

  • Streamline and update process
  • Save a ton on overhead
  • Give you experts in process re-engineering
  • Let you focus more on your core competencies

In this short podcast, I'll give you a few reasons why you should consider adding outsourcing to your 2020 start plan. It's not too late.

EP: 5 Taking Accountability

Taking Accountability

One of the key elements to great customer service is taking accountability. When things go wrong on your end, just take accountability. Apologize if you feel you need to. Then, let the customer know you empathize with their frustrations and will take steps to make them whole again.

The first step in fixing a problem is admitting there is a problem in the first place.

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EP: 4 How To Keep The Work Life Balance When Running A Startup -With Marge Aviso CEO Of TeleworkPH

Marge Aviso, founder and CEO of TeleworkPH joins BizDev Jeff to discuss what it is like running a startup while pregnant and the importance of maintaining the work life balance.

She also offers advice to other women entrepreneurs who may find themselves in a similar situation and shares experiences of the steps she has taken to ensure her family life remains stable.

Marge had many struggles early on. She talks about the fears she had to overcome as well as some of the passions she had to put aside to make TeleworkPH and it's mission to end poverty in the Philippines a reality.

EP: 2 Is Outsourcing Evil?

There are many misconceptions about outsourcing. (Wait until you hear #3..its a shocker)

Some people even think that outsourcing is evil.

In ep.2 of TeleCastPH, Bizdev Jeff delves into these misconceptions and addresses some of the concerns many business owners and CEO's have when it comes to outsourcing.

He presents facts and statistics from global studies conducted by Harvard University, The Cato Institute and MGI.

Listen here to discover the value outsourcing can bring to your company then decide for yourself....

Is Outsourcing Evil?

Also, listen to find out the exciting guests lined up who will be able to offer insight

EP: 1 An Introduction To TeleworkPH Outsourcing Solutions Inc. And Our Mission To End Poverty

Hello and welcome one and all to the very first episode of TeleCastPH, the TeleworkPH outsourcing podcast with your host, BizDev Jeff. In today's episode you will learn about TeleworkPH located in Baliuag, Bulacan, Philippines and how outsourcing can bring value to your business. We are also discussing what to expect from future podcasts, our services and why we are the RuralBPO. I'll also explain about our mission to end poverty here in the Philippines and how you can get involved with that mission and scale up at the same time.