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What Are Your CSAT Surveys Actually Saying?

By Jeffrey Thompson | June 14, 2021

Love them or hate them, CSAT surveys are one of the fastest ways to get feedback from a customer after a support interaction. CSATS allow the customer to numerically rate, in most cases, the interaction and experience they had while their support issue was resolved. But are you asking the right questions on your CSAT…

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Backlog Of Open Tickets?

By Jeffrey Thompson | May 31, 2021

How to eradicate the backlog — and avoid it in the future! A backlog of tickets is an issue that can cause a lot of sleepless nights. Ticket backlog occurs when customer support issues are not resolved in a certain time frame. That could be hours, days, or even weeks depending on your certain situation…

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The Power of Social Media:

By Jeffrey Thompson | May 24, 2021

What It Means for Business A social media platform that is hard to understand but also something you can have a lot of fun on, if it’s for personal or business reasons social media has become ingrained into our daily life so let’s begin. Social media has grown into a major player in our lives.…

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The TelecastPH Podcast Made The Top 20!

By Jeffrey Thompson | May 17, 2021

Do you like listening to a fun and interesting podcast? We are proud to announce that Welp Magazine has included The TelecastPH Podcast in their recently published list 20 Best Outsourcing Podcasts of 2021! The TelecastPH Podcast is a project that we started back in 2019 and to date has 34 episodes. The mission and…

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