Why Live Chat Is Important

It’s hard enough driving traffic to your website. Even harder trying to get them to stay and make a purchase once they are there. What’s worse is when your potential customers leave your website feeling uninformed and frustrated and then click on your competitors link. Although you may feel your website is in perfect order,…

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Emotions Drives Customer Experience

There is nothing wrong with your product. In fact, it’s an exceptional product and you have spent years developing it and countless hours toiling to get it prepared to go to market. You know it and I know it. But for some reason the numbers don’t show it. What you need is to have your…

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TeleworkPH: Vision, Mission and Values Revisited

Back in January, the TeleworkPH management met off site for an intensive weekend of strategic planning and discussion. It was a rare time when we could all get together beyond our weekly Synergy meeting, and discuss the plans for the upcoming year. Each department made an informative powerpoint presentation focusing on how we can maintain…

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