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The Limits of Customer Rewards: A Support Story
Part 3

By TeleworkPH | November 2, 2023

How to Elevate Your Customer Support Game We’ve covered the essence and intricacies of effective customer support, but now it’s time for action. How do you transition from mere words to a well-executed strategy? Let’s pivot from theory to practice and explore how to make your customer support truly exceptional. Developing a Solid Customer Support…

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The Limits of Customer Rewards: A Support Story Part 2

By TeleworkPH | November 1, 2023

The Real Deal: Customer Support Here’s the brutal truth: You can throw all the customer rewards and perks you want at people, but if your customer support is trash, you’re essentially building a house of cards. Sooner or later, it’s gonna come crashing down. When the chips are down, it’s your customer support that’s the…

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The Limits of Customer Rewards: A Support Story Part 1

By TeleworkPH | October 31, 2023

Ever found yourself lured by those glitzy “Earn Points Now” signs or exclusive member-only deals? You’re not alone. The business landscape is awash with customer rewards, seducing us into believing that a free coffee or a discounted second purchase is the endgame of a rewarding customer relationship. Think again. Now, this isn’t a takedown of…

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iconic customer service

Reaching Iconic Customer Service: A Three-Tier Guide

By TeleworkPH | October 20, 2023

Ever think of customer service as a secret weapon? It can be — or it can be a nuclear torpedo. Here is a dive deep into the Customer Service Level Framework. It’s a three-tiered guide that elevates you beyond market share and into the realm of mindshare. Remember, your customers aren’t just numbers—they’re your secret…

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