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Customer Support in the Philippines

Filipinos Invest In Themselves

By TeleworkPH | July 14, 2022

Nobody is indispensable – and Filipinos don’t take this lightly. Businesses evolve and to remain in-demand or relevant, Filipinos constantly seek opportunities to invest in themselves and upskill. Learning, unlearning, and relearning become a routine for every Filipino. And I guess that’s what truly makes one indispensable in a sense. Filipinos love to learn. That…

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Mapping Customer Experience

By TeleworkPH | July 7, 2022

Getting into the customer psyche is the first step in mapping out customer experience. Have you ever experienced checking out a new resort hotel and somehow felt that disconnect or inconsistency compared to how the brand made you feel via social media and email? Not seeing through the lens of your customers and not making…

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Make the Most of Customer Revenge

By TeleworkPH | June 30, 2022

Customer revenge can be damaging at times. After all, your customers always have the final say about your business.  And people listen to other customer reviews. It sounds one-sided but that’s the hard truth. All it takes is one negative comment or complaint on social media and you instantly get people’s attention – but in…

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Why The CSAT Makes Great Content

By TeleworkPH | June 23, 2022

The CSAT can do more for you than just merely an internal audit. Great CSAT scores and feedback can make amazing content for both brand loyalty and to attract new customers.  While it’s easier now for customers to find your brand online, competition has grown tougher than ever. Investing in CX strategies is imperative as…

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