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The Big Quit — Remote Team To The Rescue

By TeleworkPH | March 29, 2022

The Big Quit hit America hard and many companies have turned to outsourcing for rescue. Has The Big Quit affected your company? A remote team may be the answer you need. For seven months, corporate America saw employees resign in record numbers. From April 2021 until early November, over 38 million workers quit their jobs.…

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How Do We Build Your Offshore Team?

By TeleworkPH | March 22, 2022

When we work with you to build your offshore team, how does it work? Where do we get the agents from? How much involvement do you need to have? Many of the business leaders and department heads that reach out and are ready to outsource and begin to build their team with us, are under…

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Celebrating The Women of Telework PH

By TeleworkPH | March 16, 2022

International Women’s Month gives us the opportunity to highlight the achievements of the hardworking and dedicated women of Telework PH. Although we feel just one month is never enough, it’s important to us to take the time to recognize those who have made an impact in our organization. Telework PH was founded by a woman…

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Customers Want Instant Resolutions. Are You Ready For It?

By TeleworkPH | March 7, 2022

Resolutions are the main goal for any support team. Adding different layers to your tier one support, like SME’s, floorwalkers, and QA’s can be a gamechanger! A handful of support crew may suffice at startup. In fact, many companies will farm out support tickets to anyone who has time in the beginning stages. All the…

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