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customer obsession blog 3

Customer Obsession Blog 3: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Customer Obsession and Customer Support

By TeleworkPH | November 13, 2023

You’ve heard of symbiotic relationships in nature, where two organisms live in a mutually beneficial relationship. Well, guess what? The same principle applies to customer obsession and customer support. They’re not just two separate entities; they’re two sides of the same coin. In this blog, we’ll explore this intricate relationship and how mastering it can…

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Customer Obsession Blog 2: The Business Case for Customer Obsession in Customer Support

By TeleworkPH | November 10, 2023

You’ve heard the buzz about customer obsession, but let’s cut through the noise. This isn’t just some trendy phrase; it’s a business imperative. In today’s fiercely competitive market, being customer-obsessed isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity for survival. But don’t just take our word for it. In this blog, we’re going to explore the compelling business…

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Customer Obsession Blog 1: Unpacking the Anatomy of Customer Obsession in Customer

Customer Obsession Blog 1: Unpacking the Anatomy of Customer Obsession in Customer

By TeleworkPH | November 9, 2023

Ever wonder why some companies have customers who act like die-hard fans, while others can barely keep them around long enough to make a second purchase? Well, it all comes down to their strategies and approaches to customer engagement. It’s not just about having a killer product or service. The secret sauce is customer obsession,…

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The Limits of Customer Rewards A Support Story Part 4

The Limits of Customer Rewards: A Support Story Part 4 – The Finale

By TeleworkPH | November 3, 2023

Final Take: Why Stellar Customer Support Eclipses Rewards Every Time Let’s not beat around the bush: rewards programs are a dime a dozen. But a remarkable customer support experience? That’s a rare gem in a sea of pebbles. Here at Telework PH, we understand the complexities businesses face when trying to pivot towards a customer-centric…

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