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5 Principles From Jeff Bezos

By Jeffrey Thompson | April 5, 2021

One could say Jeff Bezos is a pretty successful entrepreneur. In hindsight, though, one might think that his success and the success of Amazon was inevitable, given the way the market is now. Honestly that wasn’t always the case. Especially in the early days. Bezos experienced the pitfalls and setbacks that many,  if not almost…

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Make Your Aussie Business Rocket to the Top this 2021 with These 4 Tips! Part 1

By Lindsay Arcega | March 23, 2021

2020 is finally over! Now what? It’s time to push back and make your business rise above this 2021! The past year has definitely brought on lessons for all of us. But with the COVID-19 vaccine now in hand and people immunized, it’s time to move forward to improve the shortcomings of the previous year.…

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Always Put Yourself First

By Jeffrey Thompson | March 22, 2021

If I were to say to you “put yourself first” what immediately comes to mind? You may cringe. You may pride yourself on always putting others ahead of your own wants and desires and sometimes even your own needs. Although admirable, this mindset can sometimes lead to disaster and burnout. And even a myriad of…

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Orange Juice And Gasoline — Can Business And Religion Mix?

By Jeffrey Thompson | March 15, 2021

Napalm is made when you mix equal parts of gasoline and frozen orange juice. And the results are catastrophically explosive. But that’s not the only mixture that can be explosive. Mixing business and religion can be as controversial and explosive as mixing politics and —well— anything. The recent past election in America (and on-going repercussions)…

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