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The Philippines BPO AI-Powered New Era

The Philippines’ BPO: AI-Powered New Era

By TeleworkPH | December 7, 2023

In a recent move that’s grabbing headlines, ABS-CBN has shone a spotlight on a pivotal development in the Philippines’ business landscape. Their latest coverage unveils a bold new chapter for the Philippines BPO industry, marked by an innovative embrace of artificial intelligence. As we delve into this unfolding story, it’s clear that we’re witnessing not…

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No GPT for old Men

No GPTs for Old Men

By TeleworkPH | December 1, 2023

GPTs are something else. I’ve already spent a good deal of time playing around with creating my GPTs as well as exploring the masterful work of others. Am I impressed? I suppose so. I mean it hasn’t even been a full year since OpenAI launched ChatGPT and the progression has been astounding. GPTs are the…

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Customer Obsession Blog 5

Customer Obsession Blog 5: The Scoreboard of Customer Obsession

By TeleworkPH | November 20, 2023

In the grand theater of customer support, customer obsession metrics, and KPIs are not just numbers on a board; they’re the lifeblood of a strategy that thrives on customer happiness. This isn’t a game where the highest score wins; it’s a delicate dance of insight and action, where every step is measured, and every move…

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Customer obsession blog 4

Customer Obsession Blog 4: Cultivating a Customer-Obsessed Culture: Beyond the Support Desk

By TeleworkPH | November 15, 2023

Picture a business world where every handshake feels personal, every call ends with a smile, and every click brings a sense of satisfaction. That’s not just good customer service; that’s a full-blown, customer-obsessed culture. It’s the kind of environment where the customer’s voice echoes in every decision, every strategy, and every innovation. And guess what?…

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