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How To Maximize Your Fridays

By Jeffrey Thompson | May 10, 2021

… And Have A Happier Monday! Have you ever given any thought to maximizing Fridays and making it your most productive day? It’s been a long standing custom that Fridays are a day to wind down, light work, and prepare for the weekend. And there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. But then come the…

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Stop Doing Admin Tasks NOW!

By Jeffrey Thompson | May 3, 2021

Why you should never do another admin task again! Oh I’m sorry! Did I break your concentration? Were you focused on those pesky admin tasks? Did the catchy title distract you? Ok I admit. I’m not sorry at all. It was my main goal to tear you away from those admin tasks. Why? Because you’re…

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At Startup- Every Cent Has To Go A Long Way

By Jeffrey Thompson | April 19, 2021

Your success at startup could be hiding in every cent that you spend. And you have to be extremely careful on exactly what you spend your startup funds on. Before you start forking over the cold hard cash, you need to ask questions like: Is this really necessary? Is it going towards generating revenue? But…

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Why The Best VA’s Work For A BPO Rather Than Freelance

By Jeffrey Thompson | April 12, 2021

And why you should choose a BPO too. excerpt from “The VA Element” by BizDev Jeff Adam The Entrepreneur Adam stared at the Skype chat he’s had going on for the past three months. A chat that has now gone cold. Silent. A simple message to the freelancer he’d hired he’d sent three days earlier,…

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