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Soft Skills, EQ and Customer Support

By TeleworkPH | May 21, 2019

Soft Skills, EQ and customer support all go hand in hand. As it stands, technology has brought us into a new age when it comes to customer management. The rise of chatbots, AI, omnichannel platforms and predictive knowledge bases have opened up new ways for disruptive innovators to align themselves with the millennial marketplace. Let us help…

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5 Areas eCommerce Stores Can Outsource (#3 Will Surprise You!)

By TeleworkPH | May 2, 2019

There are so many moving parts to managing a successful eCommerce store. There are product updates, market research, orders to fill, returns, complaints…well, of course, the list goes on. In fact, so many issues seem to arise that were never thought of, which can take time and energy away from core competencies and innovation. A…

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For A Successful Startup, Timing Is Everything

By TeleworkPH | May 2, 2019

Timing is everything. When Jack Ma started Alibaba, he waited. He watched the market, did his research, analyzed data and waited for just the right time. And all of that waiting paid off. Many startups will focus on investors, business model, ideas, team, etc. But where most startups that fail have ignored is timing. According to…

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6 Essential Customer Support Channels For An Ecommerce Store

By TeleworkPH | April 25, 2019

Just about anything you can possibly dream of is available for purchase over the internet. From cars to complete vacations, customers can log in and purchase anything they want. And in a perfect world, it would be just that easy. However, we live in a world that is always in the middle ground when it…

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