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6 Essential Customer Support Channels For An Ecommerce Store

By TeleworkPH | April 25, 2019

Just about anything you can possibly dream of is available for purchase over the internet. From cars to complete vacations, customers can log in and purchase anything they want. And in a perfect world, it would be just that easy. However, we live in a world that is always in the middle ground when it…

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Outsourcing: You manage the business, we take care of your customers

By TeleworkPH | April 11, 2019

When someone wants to sell a house and get the best deal, they normally don’t try and handle it all themselves. There are so many ins and outs of real estate, that its best left for the experts. Even though it may seem easy at the start. The same is applied to customer care. Many…

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Writing Product Descriptions that Sell

By TeleworkPH | April 3, 2019

Content writing is an art that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you are putting up a blog post or an article about your companies growth and struggle, you want the reader to be fully engaged, entertained and informed. Pages and pages of nonsense fluff can leave your potential customers feeling uninformed and as if they have…

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6 Ways To Create Better Customer Loyalty

By TeleworkPH | April 2, 2019

Customer loyalty cannot be purchased. It has to be earned. In a lot of ways, building customer relationships is like getting married. When getting married, people tend to focus more on the wedding, than on the actual marriage and what happens after the wedding day. That’s where things fall apart. Let us help you scale…

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