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Data processing is tedious work that takes a lot of your time and energy away from more important business matters. However, data can deliver key business insights that will increase your chances of succeeding. This is the reason why most businesses process and analyze their data, but nobody has enough time to comb through plenty of data. That’s why countless business owners and CEOs are looking for a cost-effective way to yield high-quality results and the solution is to outsource data processing.

Before we dive into data processing outsourcing, let’s take a look at data processing and its stages first.


What is Data Processing?

Data processing happens when there’s collected data that can be transformed into usable information. A team of data professionals scours through the collected data and inputs the data into a computer system which will then convert into contextual data to be used by the company. When done right, this translated data can be your best business asset.  

What are the Stages of Data Processing?

Data Collection

The first step of data processing is the collection. Data is collected from various sources like data warehouses and data banks. There are a lot of AI systems nowadays that can help you gather raw data from these resources. You just have to be sure that the data you’re getting is authentic and trustworthy, otherwise, it may affect the quality of your output.

Data Cleaning

After you’ve collected your data, it’s time to prepare it for entry. Data cleaning is done to remove any errors such as redundancies, incomplete, or incorrect data. The purpose of cleaning is to achieve a high-quality interpretation of the data.

Data Input

The cleaned data is entered into the computer system for the initial interpretation of data. This is the first step towards getting usable information from the acquired raw data.

Data Processing

The data entered in the computer is then processed using AI machine learning. Data professionals program the AI system to translate the data based on its intended use or context.

Data Output

This is the final stage of the data processing where you can get usable information. The data is interpreted into readable forms of information such as text, graphs, images, etc. This data can now be used for your own data analysis projects.

Data Storage

Some of your interpreted data can be used immediately but other data can be stored for future use. You should store it in an easily accessible but secure storage space like the cloud. There are available cloud computing services that allow you to access your data easily.  

Now that you have a clear understanding of data processing and the stages it goes through to produce useful results, it’s time to determine why you should outsource your data processes to the right provider.

Why Outsource Data Processing?

Allows You to Focus on Core Business

Data processing paves the way for businesses to analyze their data and use it to their advantage. But with a limited workforce, employees may lose sight of their main roles when you assign them to do your data processing. Leave your data processing worries to an outsourcing provider so you and your team can focus on more important tasks to grow your business.  

Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing data processing can save more than 50% of your working costs. It can relieve you of investing in manpower, office space, and infrastructure needed to build your data center. More than being cost-efficient, outsourcing can give you impenetrable data security and proficient data management. Your outsourcing provider should have a secured infrastructure in place that strictly follows data regulations such as GDPR and other data privacy laws.

Foolproof Results

Outsourcing your data processes to an experienced and professional service provider can give you foolproof results. The outsourcing provider’s role is to diligently check inconsistent data to ensure that a high-quality result is given to you. Your provider should also have the latest technological resources that can give you various data formats based on your company’s needs.  

Each of the stages of data processing mentioned above can be outsourced. Most service providers have certain process specializations, but some offer a complete service package. Below are the data processes you can outsource.

Which Data Processes Can You Outsource?

Data Entry

Data entry is the act of inputting data into a digital format. This can either be transforming physical data into the computer or converting existing digital data into another form. It’s a repetitive and time-consuming task but once you’ve interpreted the results, it can be proven helpful to your business.

Data Mining

Data mining collects your data from various sources. It uses machine learning algorithms and statistics to look for patterns in your data. It can help you make business predictions such as sales forecasts, customer preferences, etc. 

Data Conversion

More than just converting data format to another, data conversion can also organize and aggregate your data in a seamless fashion. Data conversion removes redundant and unnecessary data from your database for a faster and more accurate interpretation.

Data Analysis

Data analysts interpret your data in a technical manner. Their end-goal is to provide you with useful information and present it in a readable format to help you leverage business decisions. 

Data Storage

As mentioned above, cloud computing companies are available for you to store your data. Instead of building your own infrastructure, the host manages the infrastructure and provides you with a secured space for your data.

Why Outsource Your Data Processing with TeleworkPH?

So it’s settled, data processing takes a lot of time and effort, but can’t it be overlooked as it can give you key insights to solve your business problems. Since data processing is highly time-consuming, the solution is simply to outsource your data processing. If you’re looking for an outsourcing provider that can handle your data with care and due diligence, and at the same time, can deliver efficient and accurate results in no time, then TeleworkPH is the provider you need.

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