Filipinos Invest In Themselves

Nobody is indispensable – and Filipinos don’t take this lightly.

Businesses evolve and to remain in-demand or relevant, Filipinos constantly seek opportunities to invest in themselves and upskill.

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Learning, unlearning, and relearning become a routine for every Filipino. And I guess that’s what truly makes one indispensable in a sense.

Filipinos love to learn. That innate love for learning shapes every Filipino to be versatile and stand out in any industry.

To Bend Without Breaking

Filipinos are known to be resilient but it’s not just centered on the ability to bend without breaking, but more so, describes the unrelenting spirit and gusto of every Filipino growing and thriving amid the harshest seasons.

When the going gets tough, Filipinos always get going!

Filipinos are fully committed to upskilling.

In fact, according to a Jobstreet survey, around 70% of Filipinos say that on-the-job training is the best way to learn new skills, self-study is at 63%, and seminars or conferences stood at 56% overall. Companies invest in continuous training or learning because this helps provide a win-win scenario. It helps not just the company but also the employees.

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Learning is what smart economics is all about. There is an incredible return on assets once you invest in people. Telework PH realizes how workplace learning is essential and in fact leverages one to upsize as one organization.  Apart from the fact that we provide continuous training and development for our employees, we are greatly impressed by the fact that they constantly find ways and opportunities to learn advanced skills.  

Filipinos Know That Skill Beats Capital

Skill will always beat capital on any day. That is why Filipinos are known to constantly invest in themselves, beefing up their toolkit with training and courses so they can level up their gameplay. It’s the true learning culture embedded in every Filipino that makes one open and adaptive to learning new skills and environments.

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At Telework PH, organization-wide learning is foundational to instilling deep learning cultures. We provide the best conditions and structures to ensure continuous learning. We also provide a safe and conducive environment for employees and management to talk about mistakes and how they can turn the tables around to scale.

And it’s not just our employees that signed up for continuous learning and development, the CEO and other corporate leaders are actively involved and model the culture we want to see in our workforce. We all signed up for this and we get it done the Telework PH way!

This clearly sends a message that everyone is accountable for themselves and for the team. We all have our own rocky learning challenges every now and then and that’s perfectly okay. But, we are committed to fully showing and stepping up as one team.

Why Filipinos Invest in Themselves and Upskill?

Upskilling isn’t a lonely word nowadays because everybody is doing it. If you don’t want to be in the same state or place for the longest time, then you have to move. Filipinos invest in themselves because they need it to be on top of their game. They need it for that ultimate ROI in life.

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Here are some of the reasons why Filipinos love to upskill:

Future-Proof Careers

Digital readiness is perhaps one of the most common reasons why Filipinos invest in themselves in terms of learning and experience. Businesses are now gearing towards a tech-enabled and customer-centric model, so if you are lagging behind in these aspects, then now is the time to assess your lack and get up to speed.

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Customer experience and loyalty have been a core focus now more than ever. With the use of data and constant innovation or learning, companies achieve more with less to match the customer (and not the economic model).

Upskilling allows you to morph to fill advanced-level jobs. Lifelong learning is the key. Upskilling isn’t just about learning new skills but also a shift in environments and culture. Learning to be competitive in this age of humans and AI or machines entails mental agility and adaptation to learning new ways of doing things. You focus all the more on people skills and nullify the zero-sum attitude. New competencies or skills are now a requirement, especially in a fast-paced work environment.

You can’t be resistant to change. Filipinos who invest in themselves know for a fact that upskilling provides them better positioning in a heavily competitive world.

Reignite that Spark

Oftentimes, you get that lull feeling when you’re in the same job, doing routine tasks for many years. Yes, it can get boring. It can start to feel drab and monotonous. Learning new skills allows you to explore new areas that can fuel your interest and spark a new version of you.

Industries evolve rapidly, and there are many new tricks of the trade to learn, you just have to pick as you go! Surprise yourself and discover new ways to reignite that spark. It may not be completely switching jobs but adding a new flair to it or perhaps stepping on the gas for a new career. Best of all, you get complete control of how it’s done this time around.

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Fill the Skill Gap

The digitization of businesses has brought about new challenges in the workforce. New jobs or roles emerge especially with the introduction of advanced tools and technology. New job roles such as digital marketers, app developers, website developers, customer support, and social media managers also come with new skill sets to master.

Filipinos are able to fill the skill gap as they constantly upskill themselves to fit different responsibilities and new roles. Mastering new skills and getting certified take discipline and perseverance and Filipinos have that ‘whatever it takes’ attitude to get it done.

Filipino Agents Deliver Maximum ROI

Business moves at an extremely fast tempo – and we should keep up with the pace. Learning is continuous at any level or phase of your career – even if you’re the CEO.

Therefore, true learning happens throughout our lives. At Telework PH, we empower our employees to pursue training and even further education whenever necessary.

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Today, many employees consume digital content by demand or whenever they can. We have provided learning content that people can freely digest in their free time. ROI is important but we have found that some traditional training sessions have now become irrelevant and outdated because employees will always tune out.

There’s not much ROI when you don’t have digital transformation in place. Think “set it and forget it” when providing learning content because it becomes a daily habit for your staff. There may be thousands of hurdles and mishaps, but there are more opportunities. You just have to know where to look. We provide upskilling and retraining opportunities as much as we can or when we see it necessary.

At Telework PH, we provide an inclusive culture conducive to upskilling.

Upskilling remains to be an adaptive survival strategy for many Filipinos, but we maximize our ROI by allowing our staff to learn on the go. Managing customer expectations becomes a breeze when you have a highly skilled and well-rounded staff working on your side of the fence. Discover how we can set up a dream team aligned with your brand vision, contact us today!

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