The TelecastPH Podcast Made The Top 20!

Do you like listening to a fun and interesting podcast? We are proud to announce that Welp Magazine has included The TelecastPH Podcast in their recently published list 20 Best Outsourcing Podcasts of 2021!

The TelecastPH Podcast is a project that we started back in 2019 and to date has 34 episodes. The mission and goal of the podcast is to bring awareness to the benefits of outsourcing, as well as offer value to our listeners. TelecastPH has hosted a wide range of business leaders and guests from a wide range of industries. Industries you may have never even thought of as competitive markets!

A Podcast For Everyone

When I set out to start this project, to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure which direction to take it. I knew I wanted to change the way people think about outsourcing to the Philippines. I wanted to shout to everyone just how much offshore outsourcing with TeleworkPH can save any business a ton of cash and still maintain ultra-high quality. Furthermore, it was imperative to all of us here at TeleworkPH that we bring to light our mission to eradicate poverty in the Philippines as the Rural BPO. And the podcast is the perfect platform to do that.

There are some amazing episodes where I focus on the many faces of customer loyalty, branding, our mission and even an episode on how well Filipinos speak English. One of my favorite episodes is with our CEO, Marge Aviso.

However, me just rambling on and on about the benefits of offshore outsourcing with TeleworkPH (which I can do!)  can get a little cumbersome. I wanted to give even more value.

Filmmakers, A Celebrity Chef, Social Media Managers And Much More!

I love LinkedIn. And I have made a lot of great connections there. Also, through posting and engaging, LinkedIn has afforded me the opportunity to make some great friends. When I get to talking with people and find what they do, their story and what they have to offer, either through insights or experience, I need to get them on the show! TelecastPH has hosted a microbiologist, an emotional intelligence expert, a leadership coach and even a self made consultant who started her own business while other kids were thinking about final exams and prom.

TelecastPH also presented conversations with filmmakers Adam and Kirsten Stigert and celebrity chef Declan Horgan who appeared on season 19 of Hell’s Kitchen! We talked about blog writing with Adam Ward, social selling with Jeff Pugel, and one of my favorites — beekeeping with Glen and Shevelle Stephens, owners of Revival Queen Bees. Let’s not forget my latest podcast (as of this writing) with Eilidh Moyes, social media expert.

More To This Podcast Than You’d Expect

I’d love to give a recap of all the past episodes, but you can have a look and listen to them all! Nothing like a good binge on podcast listening. And make sure to subscribe because there’s so much more to come. An even deeper dive into the world of offshore outsourcing, virtual assistants, and the solutions that we offer here at TeleworkPH. Plus even more exciting and interesting guests!

Again, we at TeleworkPH want to say thank you to Welp Magazine for recognizing TelecastPH . The best is yet to come!

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