We Won’t Stand For Video Games!

Video games evolved, just like the remote office!

Video games have certainly evolved over the years. There was a time when we had to grab a stack of coins, head down to the arcade, and stand all day. Dropping in coin after coin as our “lives” ran out. The only way to get the most out of your video game experience was to become a master. But then the game became boring and it was onto the next. In the beginning, home systems like Atari, Pong, Coleco, and yes, even the original Nintendo left so much to be desired. The arcade was so much better. You simply had to go out in order to get the full benefit. However this led to bigger issues. It was more expensive, and a bit of a hassle.

Video Games Had Their Place

Malls, movie theatres, famous pizza parlors and a myriad of other places throughout the 80’s donned their venues with standing video games. It was a great way to bring in potential customers, offer a service, and help people pass time while they were waiting. It wasn’t a bad revenue generator either.

However, arcades and these places were loud, the players were noisy and pushy, and the games themselves required a lot of maintenance. Not to mention, the viruses passed from player to player as they lined up to get their chance at the joystick.

It was only a matter of time before video games evolved.

Home Video Game Systems Explode

As mentioned, we already had home game systems. But the graphics were terrible, the games were boring, and although it was new and exciting, after a while they left a lot to be desired. The main benefits, though, were the convenience and cost. It was so much less expensive to play at home than to go to the arcade. You could simply just hit the reset button, and a new game appeared. No pocket of coins required. Furthermore, there was no queue (unless you had a bunch of siblings).

It wasn’t long before the arcade became a thing of the past. A dinosaur whose relics now only appear here and there as a reminder. A look back into those “classic” days. Just like the phone booth.

The Internet Comes Of Age.. Like Video Games

Ok, so when the internet first came out and available for the homes, working online was, well, not an option. Dial up was slow, unstable, and not very efficient for business. Instead it was used in offices more and more for communication and organizations. Data entry became streamlined. Areas like data storage, databases, analytics, reached all new levels. It was only a matter of time before the value of the internet and connections increased. Much like the telephone, everyone saw the need for better, faster internet and computers. We all know the rest of the story from here. More and more homes across the globe have connected to the internet. Computers became more affordable, faster, and wifi made being on the go more productive. Who would have ever imagined you’d be able to negotiate a deal via email, or communicating with your entire staff while standing in the grocery line?

Also, with better internet came the rise of the remote office. The call centers, the virtual assistants. They had existed before, sure, but mostly through telephone lines and super slow connections. The faster, more stable internet opened a whole new world of possibilities. Possibilities that we are now living! Just like video games where you can now sit in your own living room and enjoy with players from all over the globe, you can have a staff right in the Philippines and never feel the miles that separate..

Is the Physical Office Still Necessary?

Is the arcade still necessary for video games?

At this stage in the world’s history, everyone is just about sick to death of hearing about the COVID-19 pandemic. Lord knows I am. However there are many things we as business leaders need to learn from the pandemic. Ask ourselves, what lesson has there been in this for me and my business? Or even more importantly, what have other business leaders earned or transformed to that I’m missing out on?

Even here at TeleworkPH, prior to the pandemic we, like most BPO companies, had very few work-from-home agents. It’s not that we were opposed to it, it was just the norm to have our workers in the office. When the pandemic hit, we transferred over 500 agents from the office setting to a work from home set up. Sure, many of the processes we had in place needed to be revised, and it looked like it was going to be a huge undertaking. But, surprisingly, it was less work than we thought! And the benefits started right away.

At Some Point, You’ll Have To Decide

For your business, it’s up to you and your team to decide what’s right. The point I’m making is a lot of businesses have been looking into alternative staffing solutions since the pandemic. Might even be your competitors. They are exploring their options and finding how easy and cost effective it is to partner with companies like TeleworkPH for many of their staffing issues. You’ll see an increase in productivity, reduction of costs, superb management, and streamlined process of communication. It’s like the team or individual staff is right there in the office with you.

So is the physical office still necessary for your business? Only you can answer that question. But if you’re serious about cutting overhead, implementing your strategies, and providing high-quality service to your customers then exploring a remote team should be in your sights.

If you’re ready to put aside that bag of coins and see what alternative staffing solutions can do for you, contact us now and let’s hop in a 30 minute strategy call.

You’ll sleep better once you do.

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