Why Virtual Assistants Play a Crucial Part in the Post-COVID Age

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the global economy and countless businesses worldwide. Some countries have been successful in slowing down the spread of the virus, while others are still struggling to fight the pandemic. As the enforced lockdowns ease up, employers and employees alike still prefer to work from home. The number one reason for that is safety and the second reason is the reduced expenses.  However, this pandemic is not forever and businesses that shifted from a remote work setup are likely to realize that the benefits will remain as long as they continue with this setup.


The Remote Work Setup

According to this recent study, 85% of businesses said that their productivity increased due to the flexibility of the remote work setup. This remote work setup also contributed to the increase in employee morale by 90%.

It’s clear that remote employees are more productive and that directly contributes to business growth. This is where you can say the same for virtual assistants. In fact, this article shows that virtual assistants can help your business save up to 78% on operational costs.

The Role of Virtual Assistants Post-COVID

In the midst of the pandemic, there was a growing demand for remote virtual assistants. They have helped your business survive despite the difficult situation and even after the pandemic, you’ll certainly find value in a virtual assistant from an outsourcing partner in the Philippines. 

Here’s what your virtual assistant can do for you even after the pandemic:

Take Care of General Repetitive Tasks

The backend processes of your business may be repetitive, but they can’t be neglected as they’re still necessary to grow your business. These are general tasks such as administrative work, setting up appointments, organizing documents, preparing reports, and many more. You can delegate these tasks to your virtual assistant to ensure that they’re properly detailed and accomplished on time.

Help Setup Business Processes

During the pandemic, you may have realized that you need to build certain business processes. You and your in-house staff don’t have time to build these processes since you and your team are already busy with core priorities and day-to-day activities. Your virtual assistant can help you create and establish efficient business processes that will streamline operations.

Keep Costs in Check

Cutting down expenses is vital to keep your business afloat during a crisis. Hiring a virtual assistant can keep the costs down while getting high-quality output. You can still benefit from this through keeping your virtual assistant in your employee roster even after the pandemic.

Support Constantly and Remotely

Virtual assistants are a great asset to have especially when you have limited funds and resources. As such, they can support your business even after the pandemic to continue saving up on costs. This pandemic will not be the last business disruption. Virtual assistants can help you cope and give continuous support if the next unexpected crisis happens.

Accomplish Specialized Projects

A virtual assistant can do more complex tasks than what you’d expect. Many virtual assistants have an extensive background in specific areas of the business. They can specialize in either marketing, sales, or human resources, and can do most tasks such as social media management, content writing, lead generation, graphic design, and many more. Try to ask your virtual assistant and you’ll be surprised to discover that they have valuable skills so you can upgrade their role in your company.

Preparing Your Business Post-COVID

What’s next after the pandemic? According to the Harvard Business Review, this management strategy can help you bounce back from the crisis. They’ve adapted the 5P strategy (plan, ploy, pattern, position, and perspective) from the famous management theorist Henry Mintzberg to the post-pandemic business framework (position, plan, perspective, projects, and preparedness).

Define your POSITION after the pandemic

Before defining your business’s position, you must first understand your role in the market and the environment. Next, identify why your customers value your product or service and understand where you’re headed. Lastly, assess if you’ll regain lost ground and emerge as a market leader. After answering these insights, then you can figure out the position of your business in the post-pandemic landscape.

Create a bounce-back PLAN

A bounce-back plan can be created during or after the pandemic and implemented after the pandemic. It should have a detailed course of action that points to what you want your business to achieve. Think broadly and forward-looking when creating your bounce-back plan. Also, look for template plans that can make your planning easier like this post-outbreak business plan.


There’s a chance that your company’s culture and identity will likely change due to the pandemic. Consider a fresh perspective and answer these questions: How prepared was your business culturally to deal with the crisis? Will the ongoing situation bring your employees together or drive them apart? Will they see the company differently when this is over? Your answers will be crucial in re-evaluating your company’s culture and identity.

Identify and create new PROJECTS

Your new projects should be relevant to your pandemic-related problems. Avoid starting projects that depend on the same resources you used before the pandemic. Be creative and resourceful when planning, launching, and implementing new projects during this time.

Evaluate your company’s PREPAREDNESS

Lastly, evaluate your company’s preparedness to execute plans and projects. Review your post-pandemic plans and projects to see if they’re doable with the resources at hand. Assess your strategy while keeping in mind that the work setup and company culture has currently shifted.

By doing this framework, your business will be more resilient when the next unprecedented crisis happens. You can easily accomplish this framework as your virtual assistant can give a different point of view from what you’re accustomed to. He/she can also assist you in making innovative plans and projects that will further crisis-proof your business. In short, your virtual assistant can help you every step of the way.

Crisis-Proof Your Business

It’s no secret that a virtual assistant can help you maintain business continuity and crisis-proof your business in the future. By outsourcing a virtual assistant, you can have peace of mind knowing that your operations will continue whenever a crisis comes along. At times of crisis, you can find a Telework PH virtual assistant reliable and dedicated. He/she will ensure that your business will continuously run no matter what. A Telework PH virtual assistant is your partner to success.

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