Why The CSAT Makes Great Content

The CSAT can do more for you than just merely an internal audit. Great CSAT scores and feedback can make amazing content for both brand loyalty and to attract new customers.

 While it’s easier now for customers to find your brand online, competition has grown tougher than ever.

Investing in CX strategies is imperative as competition is now hyper focused on the customer experience. Glossy and interactive ads surely capture attention, but do they translate to actual conversions? Perhaps. Maybe.

Customers today are now looking for data on customer feedback and results from real users of your products and services. Hence, using CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Score for your content marketing strategy provides your business a boost!

Track Customer Satisfaction with CSAT

Using CSAT for your content is simple yet effective in delivering raw and real feedback that will turn heads.

CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Score measures how happy or satisfied your customers are with your products and/or services.

With CSAT, it’s easy to track particular moments that created customer satisfaction. At the same time, you can easily monitor which moments led to disappointments and take necessary action to improve the customer experience.

With a quick survey, it’s easy to gain access and clarity to what the customer journey looked like at different touchpoints. With a view of the bigger picture, it’s easier to discover certain bottlenecks and maneuver with ways to improve customer experience.

Enabling Content Marketing with CSAT

When integrating or highlighting CSAT into your content, you increase your reputation and reliability score online. You gain more brand recognition and increase your trustworthiness score especially when you post real feedback that reflects the value you provide to your customers.

Attracting new customers and gaining their trust right on the spot is easy especially when your content is filled with CSATs that give them a preview of the benefits that they’ll get from your brand. This is far more effective than hiring brand influencers because the feedback comes from real (unpaid) customers.

With a CSAT survey, you get to know the specifics and gain insights into how your brand is performing through the lens of your customers. More so, because the questions are very specific, this will allow you to understand and learn how to serve your customers better.

The insights generated from CSATs will provide you with real-time data or targeted feedback on how well you resonate with your customers.

Reviews on Social Media and Website

Adding sections for customer reviews on your website and also on your social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter; and the like helps beef up your positive reputation online.

When used in your content marketing strategy, these online reviews can easily boost your online reputation, increase engagement, ramp up your profit, and save on unnecessary marketing costs.

With these online reviews posted on your social media profiles and websites, you won’t need to chase customers to work with you – you charm and win them over. Yes, there’s absolutely no hard sell with CSAT.  

Customer Testimonials

With testimonials, you can directly ask or request your customers to give real-time feedback about their experience. With customer testimonials, you show your customers that you care enough about their experience with your brand so you can improve your services.

Meanwhile, you can also showcase testimonials as part of your brand’s success stories. It’s a double whammy or win-win setup for you and your customers.


If you have clients who choose to end the relationship and go with a competing brand or another company, it’s wise to get their feedback on how they were able to come up with that decision.

More so, it would be great to collect information on your customer’s decision-making process. While a CSAT survey is highly effective and can stand on its own, adding more questions can give you a deeper insight into how your customers perceive your brand online.

Personalized Experience

Your customers love authenticity in a brand. Customers can smell fakery even from a distance – it stinks.

Providing them with a personalized experience in the customer journey shows that your brand truly cares about giving them the value they need and deserve.

Empathize with your audience, make them feel that you truly understand their frustrations and problems, then offer solutions to showcase how your brand’s products and services can help them.

One great way to show that you empathize with your customers is to respond readily to any comments or reviews made about your brand; even if some of these are negative. Take feedback graciously and commit to providing solutions right away.

Close the Loop with CSAT

It’s easy to get swayed by your expectations and standards. You know your brand is great and you have the most incredible products and services. But, your customers will ultimately tell you the truth out of their own experience with your brand.

You might have set the standards but it must always meet customer expectations. Using CSAT for your content will showcase the real deal about your brand. It will give them the good and the bad. Also will reel in customers who are attracted to the value you promise.

Get targeted results and real-time insights when you use CSAT for your content. Learn how Telework PH team can increase your efficiency and debunk feast-or-famine cycles once and for all!

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