The Cost Of Poor Customer Service

The Customer is revenue. So let me ask — How much can you afford to lose because of poor customer service? Sure, all companies can claim a 5-star unblemished rating when it comes to customer service but the nagging question is – do your clients feel the same way?

The reality is there’s a wide gap or disconnect between what you think your quality of customer service is to what your customers think.

Now, we all know whose opinion matters the most, right?

Customers Have the Final Say

 As cliché as it may sound, customers are always right. This unbelievably rings true whether you run a traditional brick-and-mortar store selling handmade beaded artworks or have pivoted digitally as an NFT artist selling digital sculptures.

Customer service team in the Philippines

You can have the best products, hire popular brand influencers, produce enticing reels, give out discounts, or do daily giveaways on social media, but with poor customer service, you will lose customers fast.

According to Zendesk, “Roughly 50% of customers say they would switch to a new brand after one bad experience.”

All it takes is one bad experience for your customers to head out the door without any goodbyes. Just imagine how one bad review can blemish your reputation and decapitate your revenue line. It’s like poking holes into your business, wringing your finances dry.

There is absolutely no way you can cut corners on this one. Your business literally feeds on it – that’s for sure. You see, the price point and product/service quality will always be a qualifier, it’s a constant, but what will make your customers stay and keep coming back all boils down to how you made them feel.

A personalized customer service makes you a no-brainer choice even with a multitude of options out there. Customer service is the ultimate currency for your business. Make your business memorable not because your sneakers brand has good quality rubber insoles, but on how your customers experienced the VIP treatment from a friendly and responsive customer service.

Glossy and interactive promotional ads won’t work if you can’t deliver a smooth, speedy, and enjoyable customer journey.  Today, customer service comes first in importance than price and product or service quality.

Yes, read that again.

Why Do Customers Switch?

Losing customers is lost revenue

People buy from brands that see, feel, hear, and get them. Why do many relationships turn sour and lead to (breakouts) and breakups?  Could be a lot of things really – like lack of emotional connection or seeing a way better alternative.

Like any relationship, customer relationships take work, energy, and a whole lot of attention. So, if your customers start leaving and going the other direction; then you are not paying attention.

So, why do your customers switch to other brands or even your competition?

  • Rude and inattentive customer service
  • Feeling unappreciated.
  • Not being understood.
  • Not getting the answers or solutions they need.
  •  Being put on hold for a lengthy period of time.
  • Calls are repeatedly transferred to different people.
  • Having to repeat themselves or fill out forms over and over again.

Your Customer Strategy – Attract, Retain, Repeat

Always think from this perspective: your customers will always and always compare your customer service with that of your competitor’s.

Don't lose customers through poor customer support!

Your goal then is to provide the BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX) way better than the last they had. Be a memory that they want to repeat or recall over and over again. Be that business that comes on top of mind because you were able to connect on an emotional level.

Attracting customers is easy. Throw in a freebie or a 60% sale; and watch them flock wildly to your doorstep but keeping them loyal and head-over-heels-in-love with your business takes more than that.

It’s thinking about a brand and then you just find yourself smiling about it. Yes, it’s that warm feeling that simply matters to every customer. The only way to attract and retain loyal customers is when you make them feel they are home. And they have no reason to go somewhere else.

And it’s not about the huge nirvana moments that customers feel with your business, its consistency, reliability, user experience, and responsiveness that count.

Ready to Take Your Customer Strategy to a New Level?

Customer support te4am in the Philippines

Customers will always buy from a business that they’re loyal to. Repeat business and even referrals come easy when you are focused on developing your customer experience (CX) strategy.

You need a customer service that tops it off in terms of communication and provides a personalized end-to-end service so your customers don’t feel they’re left alone to figure things out on their own.

Customers will always PAY MORE for a good customer experience, and YOU SHOULD TOO.

Invest in a proactive, responsive, and energetic customer service at Telework PH, and get that competitive advantage you need in your business today!  

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