The Post-Pandemic Customer Service Landscape Part 2

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Meeting Customer Demands, Post-Pandemic

Banking on the lessons from the previous year, here are some trends that will help you move forward this 2021:


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Swift Adaptability

Last year, several businesses quickly adapted their business models in response to the health crisis. This year shouldn’t be any different as the only constant factor to consider is change. In fact, according to this study, businesses that are agile and adaptable are likely to flourish in 2021 and beyond. We can only hope that this year will be stable and forgiving, especially for startups and small businesses. However, businesses should still prepare for unexpected challenges and think of innovative ways on how they can improve their customer service for the coming years.   

The Rise of eCommerce and Customer Service

With government-sanctioned lockdowns and quarantines, the pandemic really fast-tracked the eCommerce industry into success. Seeing eCommerce as the only way to get in touch with the consumers, businesses quickly jumped onto the bandwagon. Selling online may be easy, however, there’s one caveat. In a brick-and-mortar store, your competitors are within your vicinity, but in the world of eCommerce, you can find competitors from all over the globe. This factor makes it more challenging for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. With this, businesses must think of ways to address the shift in customer needs and integrate customer service solutions into their eCommerce channel. Solutions such as chatbots to promptly answer customer queries and enhanced user experience for customer updates will help you increase productivity and boost sales.  

Supercharge the Omnichannel Experience

Improving the customer’s experience has been a challenge for most businesses ever since day one. And with the threat of the pandemic, the customers’ need to be served in the channels they prefer has increased drastically. This is where the omnichannel experience comes in. By providing an omnichannel experience, you can easily integrate the channels in which your customers prefer. It’s ideal to serve customers in all available channels such as phone, email, social media, web, and chat. But make sure that these channels are seamlessly integrated, and delivers a cohesive message aligned with your brand voice. 

Customers need a foundation to rely on during this difficult time, and your business can cater to that need. Your customer’s trust is hard to earn, and when you’ve attained that, use it to your advantage. Since at the end of the day, businesses that are resilient, adaptable, and can promptly address their customers’ needs are the ones that will survive and thrive even after this pandemic.

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