Stop Doing Admin Tasks NOW!

Why you should never do another admin task again!

Oh I’m sorry! Did I break your concentration? Were you focused on those pesky admin tasks? Did the catchy title distract you?

Ok I admit. I’m not sorry at all. It was my main goal to tear you away from those admin tasks. Why? Because you’re killing your business and putting a huge damper on your work-life balance. Remember having a life? Also, don’t you think you should be spending your valuable time focusing on growth and generating more revenue? Unless you plan to stay small.

We can’t take away from the fact that admin tasks are daunting, but necessary. These tasks need to be done to make sure the business runs like a well-oiled machine. But why are you doing them?

Admin tasks are one of the biggest roadblocks to a business’ growth. They steal away the business owners time, energy, and suck up all the creativity that is needed for strategic planning.

Admin Tasks — What Are They?

Admin tasks can immensely differ from company to company, business to business. They can be anything from payroll and bookkeeping, to answering phones, emails and onboarding new staff members. Some admin tasks may include research into competition and new products, putting together a webinar, data entry, social media, and even handling customer calls and issues. 

Basically anything that someone else can handle in your business that isn’t directly related to the core functions.

There are so many entrepreneurs, business leaders, and solopreneurs who enter into their ventures with the mentality “If I don’t do it, it won’t be done right!” then chuckle at the romanticism of this egotistical statement. Not realizing this is the mindset of someone setting their business up to fail or worse yet, work themselves into exhaustion.

The fact is, there are a lot of qualified individuals or teams out there that can handle these tasks for you. Furthermore, these people will take ownership of these tasks to the point where you’ll be impressed that you don’t even have to think about them being done or doing them. They just get done!

If You’re Thinking Admin Tasks, You’re Not Thinking Growth

Ever have those days where you feel like there’s simply always something to do. Some lingering task or series of tasks that need to be done. And they have nothing to do with what you want to do. Or should be doing. Which is focusing your time and energy on growth. 

If you’re burdened with admin tasks, then you’re thinking only about admin tasks. No one can serve two masters. And if you’re only thinking about admin tasks, then you’re not thinking about growth.

The result?  Your growth goals will get muddled. Priorities can get watered-down and you can become distracted from your goals. 

Before any business opens their doors, before that first customer or client is secured, there’s all the time in the world for planning and strategic goal setting. Meetings can last as long as they want and a lot of personal time can be spent brainstorming and coming up with ideas to skyrocket the business.

Once it’s in full production, that luxury is lost. When was the last time you did a proper opportunity analysis or business assessment?

There’s Only So Much One Person Can Do

On the planet earth, there are only 24 hours in a day. Take away a proper 8 for sleeping that leaves a total of 16 hours left. Then there’s personal care time, commuting, meals So when the heat is on, and tasks pile up what is the first thing that gets sacrificed? Normally it’s sleep. Staying up later, getting up earlier. Then meals start being taken at the desk, personal care time gets less and less. This is how true zombies are born.

Then it becomes a daily routine of just going through the motions. 

In your own home, if you find housework to be in the way of success, what do most people do? They get help. They hire a laundry service, a cleaning service, and order in their meals. Some may even take on a full time-live in domestic helper. So if you’d do that with your home, your haven from the world, why wouldn’t you do it with your business? Why wouldn’t you want to get help to lighten the load?

Late With Payroll Equals Unhappy Staff

When things get hairy, something will have to give. Some of those admin tasks will eventually get put aside. Then things begin to snowball. The issues will grow and grow and grow. Many times to the point of no return.

So let’s say the situation arises where you have a choice. Do payroll or secure a deal that could possibly mean a huge increase in revenue. Will the staff understand? Most likely you have surrounded yourself with people who will understand and will roll with it. However, what damage can actually be caused? Many staff these days still live paycheck to paycheck. Meaning, they plan their bills and responsibilities according to the corresponding paydays. A two or three day delay in betting their wages can result in hefty late fees for things such as credit card, loans, or car payments. That’s money out of their pocket.

They may smile and not complain, but that can be the beginning of a company culture downfall.

Get Help

It’s difficult to sink funds into areas of the business that don’t generate revenue directly. In fact, it’s normally the last place a lot of business leaders are willing to loosen the grip on. And there’s really nothing wrong with that. Until there is. Instinctively you’ll know when it’s time to bring someone onboard who can help with those daily, life sucking, mundane tasks that plague every entrepreneur, solopreneur, or business leader out there. But is it affordable?

I’m here to tell you that it is affordable. More affordable than you might think. By bringing on an offshore Virtual Assistant from the Philippines through TeleworkPH you can get a high quality, experienced individual who is not only affordable, but can bring more to the table. Our Virtual Assistants can do more than just complete tasks. They will also give feedback on how things can be made even better.

Want to know where a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines can fit into your business? Then check out our free ebook The VA Element. This free resource will tell you all you need to know about bringing on a Virtual Assistant through TeleworkPH. Download your free copy now. 

You’ll sleep a lot better once you do.

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