How To Maximize Your Fridays

… And Have A Happier Monday!

Have you ever given any thought to maximizing Fridays and making it your most productive day? It’s been a long standing custom that Fridays are a day to wind down, light work, and prepare for the weekend. And there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. But then come the weekend, where is your mind? Is it still on things left undone? Or perhaps thinking ahead to Monday and what you’ll start planning?

Maximize Your Fridays By Making Next Week’s Plan

One of the biggest fears about Monday morning is not knowing what you’re walking into. Where to start? After two days off, perhaps your mind has let go of a few things. Or maybe you spent all weekend letting your mind inflate those tasks until they are overwhelming. 

The thing is if you keep pushing your brain to think, think, and think then eventually your brain will push back. What’s more, negative imagination will take over. And that’s where the inflation of those tasks begins to swell and eat at the inside of your skull. Like it’s emphasized in this articleThe​ ​human​ ​mind is​ ​hardwired​ ​to​ ​need​ ​downtime,​ ​space,​ ​and​ ​unfocused​ ​time.”

But if you take the time on Friday, say the last hour of the day, to put some thought into what Monday is going to look like, then you’ll have eliminated one giant step for starting the next week. What needs the most attention will still be fresh in your brain. Coming in Monday morning can be like waking up from a dream. You have to go through an entire process to remind yourself what you were thinking about the night before. By getting it all out on Friday, you’ll skip that entire step.

Get Those Emails Caught Up Before You Leave

…and anything else that you don’t want hanging over your head all weekend. You know how it is when you hit the gym? At first you push, then get tired, but still you push through and get to the end of your workout? Know that great feeling of accomplishment? Well, that’s how you’ll feel after shutting down that laptop Friday night.

With all your emails answered, you won’t be thinking all weekend about that person you need to touch base with. Moreover, they’ll be impressed that you took the time on a Friday to answer them. If it’s a client or customer that will really show how important they are to you!

On Monday, Plan To Maximize Fridays

That’s right — on Friday plan out your week, and on Monday plan out your Friday. A simple trick that many entrepreneurs have used to not only maximise their Fridays but to keep the momentum going. Furthermore, this simple little shifting of how you plan your week will allow you to enjoy your weekend to the fullest. To not be glancing at your phone every few minutes or spending Sunday nights trying “get a jump” on the week. By maximizing Fridays you can be in the now all weekend long. And that’s something everyone around you too will enjoy.

Another Cure For The Monday Blues Besides The Maximize Fridays Plan?

Now let’s take it all to the next level. Implement the above strategy and assign more than half of those Monday tasks to your virtual assistant.  Now you’re warming up that laptop Monday morning fresh from a weekend of rest, and not overwhelmed with the day ahead. What more could anyone ask?

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