Want to Scale Up Fast? Outsource Your Back Office!

Back Office Determines an SME’s Success

First and foremost let’s define “Back Office”. The back office are operations which fall outside of the main core functions of the organization, yet are the primary element to
every business. This is the non-client facing portion of the company comprising of
support and administration personnel.

The efficiency of the back office can and will determine the future of the enterprise. If
the back office is not running smoothly, processes are not being followed, or staffing
becomes an issue, the success of the company may be in critical danger.

Why outsource Back Office operations?

Your outsourcing partner can help you overcome many of the challenges faced by SME’s
today. Let’s take a look at a few key reasons how outsourcing back office can be

● Cost – Not only will salaries be more competitive, but all the taxes, benefits equipment, space, management and staffing will be handled by your offshore
partner. This will severely decrease the time, labor and overall capital expenditures needed for growth.

● Security and Infrastructure – One of the main goals of the offshore partner is to protect your data. Also, being centralized in purpose, they will be up to date on the latest technologies and infrastructure.

● Core Operations – Since the day to day administrative tasks are being handled by your offshore partner, you and your in-house staff will be more empowered to
focus on the critical core activities. Those operations which cannot be outsourced.

● Flexibility – Need to ramp up during tax season? Do you have a mountain of data that just arrived that needs input? Your outsourcing partner can handle
those tasks and take care of the peak times without hassle.

● Experts and Professionals – When you reach out to on offshore partner, you will find a pool high quality individuals who will be committed to the growth of
your company at a fraction of the cost of keeping the staff in house. These individuals are experts in their domain who can carry out the tasks efficiently.

● Staff Management – You can rest assured that your BPO partner will acquire only the best people for your company. Also, vacations, absences, leave will all be
taken care of, so you will always be covered.

What Operations Can Be Outsourced?

Below is a list of just some of the operations that can be outsourced to TeleworkPH.

● Accounting
● Legal
● IT
● Human Resources
● Marketing
● Finance
● Development and Engineering
● Design

Don’t let cost be the only driving factor in your decision to outsource. Take a closer look
at all the benefits and define what you want to accomplish with outsourcing your back
office. Then talk with us so together we can walk through your goals and strategically
plan the next move. You’ll see we’ll not only execute your processes, but take steps to
help improve them. We are always here to help.

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